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If you’re looking for a statement piece, you know a Ponytail Extension is a total must have. Get the ultimate long celebrity inspired ponytail and turn heads - wether it’s a high super-sleek grande pony, a high messy pony, or a mid-pony, get ready to swish however you want with this premium addition to your hair.

Wigporium wraparound ponytail extensions are designed with premium synthetic hair fibre - RealFeel - that unlike traditional synthetic ponytail extensions is made to look and feel like human hair, memorises the style you want and feels lightweight with no tangling, shedding or matting. Our pony’s can be styled with heat and re-used multiple times, so you get more for your money. What are you waiting for? Simply buy it, clip it, wrap it around and you’re ready to hit the runway.

  • 26" RealFeel™ Instant Clip&Wrap Ponytail

    26" RealFeel™ Instant Clip&Wrap Ponytail

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