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Nano Tip Extensions are by far one of the most discrete professional hair extension methods available currently. They’re the number one choice for an easy chemical and glue-free salon professional fit, giving your hair extra volume and inches with zero left-over damage.

Applied with the tiniest bead (over 90% smaller than a micro-bead), Wigporium pre-bonded Nano Tip Hair Extensions offer you the all of the perks of having long luscious locks that last all day without feeling weighed down. Better yet, they’re irritation free so you won’t feel them poking around - even in your sleep. We created our Nano Tips with luxury and longevity in mind, using 100% remy cuticle retained double drawn hair delicately applied to a small metal tip nano bond for an extra strong and reusable fit. They can be washed, styled and brushed just like your normal hair and are designed to last over a year with good maintenance. We offer our nanos in a variety of colours & lengths to suit your needs.

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    Signature Nano Tip Hair Extensions

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